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I'm a Sheepdog who provides professional real estate services for Police / Fire / Military and their families and supporters.  I'm licensed in ID, WA, and HI, and ranked in the Top 5% Worldwide for all Coldwell Banker agents.

What is a Sheepdog? 
Sheepdogs are typically found in professions such as police, fire, and military.  However it can include many other professions and persons that have a warrior mindset.  The term sheepdogs became widely known after Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman (Ret.) referenced it in his book On Combat in 2004, when he described the sheepdog (warrior), the sheep (those we protect), and the wolf (bad guy or bad event).

Short version of my Sheepdog bio:
Navy (Desert Storm) USS Saratoga VFA-83
WA Air Nat'l Guard (during my college days)
Army (Task Force 160th SOAR)
Law Enforcement - Two decades of State and Federal agencies in WA, CA, HI

The very best compliment you can give me is your referral.
"Terry went above and beyond to make sure I found the right house.  Then worked hard to make the transaction as simple and easy as possible.  He truly is totally customer oriented and isn't finished until you are 110% satisfied.  I would recommend him without a doubt and I run a referral only business myself".  SK


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